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Email Encryption -
All email is encrypted in transit and at rest. We take your privacy seriously
Spam Filtering -
All your email is filtered through gmail or your choice of provider.
Competitive Pricing -
We offer a competitive pricing over competitors or alternatives

A plan that fits your needs


The essentials to get you started


  • 1 Email Forwarding
  • Support from friendly humans
  • Spam & Virus protection
  • Redirect Subdomain (Planned)


For one to three family members


  • 3 Emails Forwarding
  • Mailbox (Planned)
  • Support from friendly humans
  • Spam & Virus protection
  • 3 Redirect Subdomains (Planned)


For one to ten family members


  • 10 Emails Forwarding
  • Mailbox (Planned)
  • 10 GB Storage (Planned)
  • Support from friendly humans
  • Spam & Virus protection
  • 10 Redirect Subdomains (Planned)

Buy Domain Only

If there aren't any routes on the domain, we can sell it to you for a fixed price.

What's included

  • Fast domain transfer
  • 24/7 support from friendly humans

One time payment

$200 USD

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Trusted by entrepreneurs worldwide

We provide an Exeptional pricing over competitors or alternatives, with a proven track record of 99.9% uptime.

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Exceptionally Competitive Pricing
2x Value
Uptime Guarantee

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